Who makes the best airless sprayer?

26th Mar 2024

With so many spray applicators in today's market, it may be hard to discern which Airless sprayer is "the best." While it would be convenient to say this brand makes the best product unequivocally, this simple question doesn't have a straightforward answer. Airless sprayers come in various price points, sizes, and functions. The most appropriate question would be: what is the best Airless sprayer for my budget, project, and finish requirements?

For instance, in an industrial or large-scale commercial setting, your typical small residential airless sprayer will struggle with heavier, more viscous coatings, such as – intumescent, acrylics, and epoxies. Moreover, your pneumatic or gas pump will be inoperable if you don't have access to compressed air. In essence, you must identify the nature of your own project, if you have access to a compressor or electricity, the type of coating you are working with, and the surface area of what you are spraying.

So, we've established whether we're coating in a small to large-scale residential, commercial, or industrial setting, the coatings we’ll be using, and whether we have access to a compressor or electricity. Now, we must identify which product is the best in its class.

Known throughout the industry, Airlessco electric sprayers, manufactured by Graco, would be a great contender for the top spot. They are reliable and hardwearing pumps with a proven track record in the industrial and residential sectors. Budget-friendly and operating on electricity alone, they do not require a compressor, which is especially sought after in the residential sector. This is because a compressor hose connection doesn't inhibit these pumps; manoeuvring a compressor around a residential building can be awkward and time-consuming.

The LP series, specifically the LP555, would be a great sprayer for your typical contractor paint and decorator. It is a rugged unit with a compact frame, which makes handling and transport easy. As thoroughly shown throughout its service history, maintenance on the LP555 is also straightforward. Fast to disassemble, with externally adjustable packings and a DC-cooled motor, the LP555, in our experience and attested to by many in the industry, can handle the most demanding of medium to large residential and commercial projects. The LP555 is also effective at automotive refinishing, wood finishing, and decorative and speciality finishes.

For large industrial, commercial, and residential applications, the TS1750 is a best-in-class electric airless sprayer. This pump is suited to high-volume contract work, spraying heavy and highly viscous water and solvent-based coatings, 100% acrylics, all interior and exterior wall paints, dry fall, mastics, epoxy, intumescent coatings and much more. Couple this with a heavy-duty gearbox with hardened gears and a chrome-plated steel tube cart with pneumatic wheels, makes this pump uncompromising in its reliability.

Overall, it isn't easy to distinguish the best airless paint sprayer. As we mentioned before, look at your own project. However, we recommend Airlessco electric airless sprayers, the LP555 and TS1750, for small to large residential, commercial, and industrial operations. Airlessco sprayers are known throughout the industry; they are valued for their reliability, performance, and versatility across various applications, making them indispensable tools for professionals in the painting, coating, finishing, and insulation industries.