Airblast Eurospray Direct are now delighted to offer Orapi products for the maintenance and care of spray booths. If spray booths are left untreated, paint sludge from the paint booth system can put your system at risk and shorten its life span, ultimately creating costly down time while it’s repaired.

Looking after your spray booth is important, which is why Airblast Eurospray now offers a range of booth maintenance products from Orapi - the number one brand in lubrication, greasing, de-greasing, cleaning, threadlocking, sealing, bonding and adhesives. These are essential products to keep your spray booths and equipment in top condition.

Here we take a look at how these products can prolong the life and increase the efficiency of your spraying facilities:

Dust and dirt control products

Surface preparation often creates a lot of dust that needs to be removed prior to varnishing or painting. If you want to remove any dust and dirt that has collected, then Orapi’s dust and dirt control products are ideal.

Tak cloths act as a pre-paint wiping cloth for the removal of unwanted specks of dust or dirt from the surface of the component being treated. The Original TAkrag in particular, which is impregnated with a tacky substance, is a general purpose cloth which can be used in any area for the removal of dust contamination. Different sizes and packaging are available to suit the individual and bulk user needs.

However, if you’re looking for a TAKrag for uneven surfaces, then the AquaTAK is the best product to purchase; this is made from a blue non-woven fabric which gives it a high snag resistant quality. This is ideal for uneven surfaces and developed for use with water-based paint systems.

Water treatment

With water treatment, products such as the TAK kill Denaturant MS and TAK kill Denaturant GP will considerably reduce lost time due to maintenance clean down procedures.

The TAK kill Denaturant MS is a colourless liquid-based mixture of caustic and non-caustic alkalis formulated as an additive for spray booth water treatment. Thiswill perform satisfactorily in many different spray booth designs. It will rapidly denature a considerable range of different paint types so that they will float or sink, according to booth design, in an easily removable form with minimal adhesion of paint residues to working surfaces. After cleaning, the booth should be charged with fresh water and the circulation started. Tak Kill Denaturant MS should then be added to a turbulent part of the reservoir, usually at the rate of 5 – 10 g/l (4-8ml/l). A pH value ofabout 12 will be formed initially, but this will fall as reaction with the paint overspray takes place.

On the other hand, the TAK kill Denaturant GP is more for general purpose use; this has been designed for the treatment of overspray paint in paint spray booths, particularly of the conventional pump type. Reaction between the overspray paint and the TAK Kill Denaturant GPsolution in the spray booth will mean less frequent cleaning and the treated paint will float in a convenient denatured non-sticky form for easy removal. Because it is a liquid formulation, this lends itself ideally to use in conjunction with an automatic dosing system which may in turn be linked to an electronic pH or conductivity measurement meter.

Protective coating products

Protective coatings are designed to protect plastic signage material from paint overspray, abrasion and dust and dirt during build, transportation and installation. We stock four types of protective coatings including the PROPEEL standard, PROPEEL HD, AQUAPEEL and Tacky surface coating, each offering different benefits.

The PROPEEL standard is a white pigmented, temporary protective coating designed for application to all smooth, clean, metal spray booth walls in order to provide an easy method of booth maintenance.

The dried film is readily peelable and enables even heavy overspray deposits to be quickly and cleanly removed. Exposed areas can then be touched in or the entire area re-sprayed as necessary. By providing a white, light reflective surface better working conditions are obtained making for a consistent achievement of high quality work.

The benefits are as follows:

  • Strong easily peelable film.
  • Enables heavy overspray to be removed quickly and cleanly.
  • Light reflective surface for better working conditions.
  • Reduces maintenance time.
  • Heavily contaminated areas may be cut and painted in.

PROPEEL HD however,is a viscous liquid drying to give an off-white tough peelable film and is designed to offer a simple yet effective method of maintaining and protecting non-solvent sensitive surfaces from abrasion, paints, oils, resins and dilute acids and alkalis. The thicker and more even the application the easier it will be to remove after service. If a brush or roller coating is used at least two coats in opposite directions are required to achieve the correct thickness.

The benefits are as follows:

  • Keeps floors clean making maintenance easy
  • Excellence durability.
  • Offers good abrasion and chemical resistance.
  • Leaves surfaces clean on removal.

AQUAPEEL is another protective coating product and is a white pigmented, water based peelable protective coating designed for application to paint spray booth walls, so that overspray deposits can be removed quickly and easily. This must be used as supplied and applied through normal pressure-fed spraying equipment.

Lastly, Tacky Surface Coating is a clear aqueous solution of resins and tackifiers specially formulated for application to spray booth walls by brush or spray. The film does not completely dry out at ambient temperature, and it has a tacky surface which collects and holds dust thus greatly assisting in keeping the spray booth area free of airborne particles.

When contaminated with dust or overspray, the tacky surface coating can easily be washed off with water or a pressure washer. A fresh coat of Tacky Surface Coating can then be applied to the booth walls.


  • Dense white film
  • Easily peelable, good resistance to most paint overspray.
  • Thixotropic nature minimises 'running'
  • No flammability or toxicity problems.
  • Equipment cleaned with water - no use of thinners.
  • Economical.

Surface cleaning products

To keep the surface area clean, a universal cleaner suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces including paintwork, fabrics and floors is the G850 - a powerful concentrated cleaner used for rapid removal of all forms of grease and contamination from vehicle surfaces. An ingenious formulation allows G850 to tackle a wide range of duties from the heavy contamination to light soiling in interiors.


  • Quicker cleaning due to rapid wetting and soil penetration
  • Reduced stocks as single chemical replaces multiple products
  • More profit because dilution’s allow reduced in use costs
  • Clean vehicles due to effective product constituents
  • Customer satisfaction due to clean sweet smell in vehicles

Orapi products offer a great solution for maintaining the operations of spray booths in  top condition and now you can purchase them directly from Airblast Eurospray.

For more information on Orapi products, visit our product pages or contact our sales team.