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  • Redline 990Ltr Blast Cabinet Redline 990Ltr Blast Cabinet

    Redline 990Ltr Blast Cabinet

    £2,640.00 (Inc. VAT)
    £2,200.00 (Ex. VAT)
    NEW from Airblast Eurospray The all-new 990Litre Redline cabinet combines the functionality of a traditional blast cabinet with an abrasive blast tank and offers a large working area for the removal...
    £2,640.00 (Inc. VAT)
    £2,200.00 (Ex. VAT)
  • Airblast Eurospray Steel shot

    Steel Shot

    Made from high carbon tempered steel providing durability and resistance to fracture, steel shot is used for peening and cleaning. Typical applications include metal improvement, stress relief,...
  • Airblast Eurospray Copper Slag

    Copper Slag

    Copper Slag is an expendable synthetic mineral abrasive which is widely favoured for open nozzle blasting applications by virtue of its fast rates. A range of grades is available to suit most...
  • Airblast Eurosprays Chilled Iron

    Chilled Iron

    Chilled Iron is harder than steel with a quicker cleaning action. For use in air driven machines to complement their speed and flexibility. The grits are frequently used to etch structural steel and...
  • Airblast Eurospray's Steel Grit

    Steel Grit

    Steel Grit cleans quicker than shot but breaks down at a faster rate. Steel shot or grits are not suitable for certain applications and surface corrosion may occur after treatment. Immediate coating...
  • Airblast Eurospray's Aluminium Oxide abrasive

    Aluminium Oxide

    Virgin Brown Aluminium Oxide is a sharp, fast-working abrasive ideally suited for hand cabinets and blast rooms. Used wet or dry, where ferrous blasting abrasives are not suitable due to the risks of...
  • Airblast Eurospray's glass beads

    Glass Bead

    Glass bead is used for peening and the removal of surface blemish. It can be used safely for texturing or producing attractive cosmetic finishes without damaging the face of the material. Our Glass...
  • Airblast Eurosprays Garnet


    Garnet is dense, tough and dust free - for fast cleaning and coating removal. It is particularly suitable where material can be recycled, making it very economical. Garnet generally works faster than...