Choosing the right blast helmet is immensely important when it comes to personal protection. You need to make sure the blast helmet you choose is suitable for the job and will provide the level of protection you need. Airblast Eurospray offer a range of blast helmets to suit various applications and budgets which all offer great protection. To help you choose the right helmet for your blasting operation, we’ve put together a short guide outlining the key points to consider.

How much protection do I need?

All our helmets offer protection for most types of abrasive blasting. Our mid-range helmets, like the Apollo 60 and Bullard B88 offer solid, reliable protection and are suitable for many types of abrasive blasting.

However, if you’re looking for maximum protection in even the harshest conditions, the RPB Nova 2000 or Nova 3 are our most hard wearing helmets. The Nova3 in particular boasts a high pressure injection moulded shell manufactured from engineering nylon, which is designed to withstand tough blasting environments. RPB even tested just how tough the Nova 3 was by parking a large sports utility vehicle on top of it and it did not disappoint.

Where will I be blasting?

When choosing a helmet, it’s important to think about where you’re going to be blasting. For example, if you are planning to blast in small tight spaces, you should ensure that your helmet will allow for ease of movement and that it won’t get caught on anything. Our Nova 2000 and Nova 3 helmets are best suited to these types of situation as they are our most streamlined and ergonomic helmets.

Small spaces can also mean less visibility so it’s best to choose helmets, like the Nova 2000 and Nova 3, which are designed to move with your head to make sure you always get a clear view of what’s ahead. The Nova 3 can also be fitted with a low profile blast light which is great for working in small spaces with low lighting.

How long do I need to blast continuously?

If you are planning to blast for extended periods you will need a helmet that offers maximum comfort. The main thing most operators will need to stay comfortable when blasting continuously is a constant and even supply of fresh air around the face, head, neck and breathing zone. This will allow operators to work for longer periods of time before needing to take a break.

You will also need to choose a helmet that fits well and distributes weight evenly to decrease pressure on the head, neck and shoulders. Studies have shown that operators are more productive when they’re comfortable so choosing a helmet that fits well and doesn’t put unnecessary pressure on you will help you to keep blasting for longer.

For continuous blasting it’s also useful to have a helmet with a tear off lens system so you can keep going. The Nova 2000 and Nova 3 offer particularly good tear off lenses which are pre-folded so you never pull off more than one at a time even when wearing thick blasting gloves, ultimately saving you time and money.

Finally, the noise of continued blasting can be unpleasant and can cause hearing damage so choosing a padded helmet can help to protect the operators’ hearing and help them concentrate on the task.

What climate will you be working in?

If you are planning to work in particularly hot or cold environments, good air flow is once again very important. Most helmets can be fitted with a hot or cool tube to raise of lower the temperature of incoming air but if the air flow through the helmet is not efficient then you probably won’t feel the benefit.

You should also consider that if you’re going to be working in a warm environment, your helmet could get sweaty. Our Nova 3 has machine washable padding to combat this problem.

How long do I want my helmet to last?

All our helmets come with a 12 month standard manufacturer’s warranty. However, some helmets are designed to withstand tougher conditions than others as mentioned in the previous section.

The length of time your helmet will last generally depends on the conditions you work in but a lot also depends on how easy the helmet is to maintain and repair. For example, if you choose to buy a helmet at the lower end of the market, you will most likely find that once it has worn out, you will need to buy a completely new helmet.

However, if you buy a top end helmet, most parts can be easily replaced if they wear out so the helmet will ultimately last much longer. The Nova 3 has been specifically designed so that all parts can be easily removed and replaced using a hex lock key so if for example the visor frame wears out, you can simply order a new one and replace it yourself on site rather than having to send the helmet off for repair.