Nova 3 Helmet with C40 climate control device

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Nova 3 Blast Helmet with C40 – NV3-715-50 Climate control tube.

This bundle includes

  • 1 x Nova 3 Blast helmet
  • 1 x C40 RPB Climate Control Device
  • 1 x Helmet Cape
  • 1 x Breathing Air hose assembly
  • 1 x Belt
  • 1 x Pack visors
  • 1 x Inner visor

Superior comfort and functionality combined with the very latest in protection technology.

  • “Fit and Click” inner lens system is easy to operate even when wearing gloves.
  • The field-replaceable air inlet fitting has an O-ring seal and a unique thread so it can’t be fitted incorrectly.
  • Large viewing window provides superior visibility.
  • Tear off lens system ensures only one lens is removed at a time for increased productivity.
  • Bellow seal system completely seals against dust and particulates.
  • Securely attached cape and clip-on cape seal prevent dust and abrasive entering the helmet.
  • All parts can be removed and re-attached using one hex lock key for easy maintenance.

Tested to the highest industry standards, the respirator is designed for maximum safety and minimum worker downtime. The Nova 3 meets standards worldwide including NIOSH, ANSI Z87.1 - 2010+ and ANSI Z89.1 - 2012 Type 1 Class C so that operators can be confident that they are fully protected.

The durable helmet shell is high-pressure injection molded from engineering nylon to withstand the harshest conditions. RPB even matched the Nova 3 against a large sports utility vehicle to see just how tough it really is.

Along with its sterling safety credentials, the Nova 3 also offers maximum comfort. The air is distributed evenly via the air channel and guided into the breathe zone to prevent fogging. Vents on top of the dome allow air to circulate within the helmet to keep users cool whilst preventing head chill.

In addition, the Nova blast helmet distributes weight evenly across the head and shoulders and is equipped with “Clever Fit Padding” (patent pending) which allows it to be individually customised to each user, helping to ensure a comfortable fit and reduce fatigue.

It also helps to absorb sound, protecting the operator’s hearing and giving them a clear head to concentrate on their work. On top of this the padding is machine washable to ensure that the helmet stays hygienic and pleasant to wear.