Moisture trap

25th Jul 2023

Ever wondered what a Moisture Trap does? Moisture traps are devices that prevent moisture from the compressor line, entering the blast pot.

Blasts pots and moisture don't mix well. Once fluid is inside the unit's components, you're at risk of rusting the surface you're working on or - with certain abrasives like chilled iron - setting the abrasive inside the blast pot, writing it off completely.

If moisture did find its way into the blast pot, you would need to strip down the pot in its entirety and dry it out. This is why Moisture Traps are such a good preventative investment.

Once a moisture trap is installed, a sight glass indicates how much water is being held in the bowl inside. This bowl should be checked daily. When blasting, open the bleed nipple slightly underneath the trap and leave it open to prevent moisture build up.

All Airblast blast pots are fitted with moisture traps as standard. However, if yours doesn't have one of these, get in touch with our sales team to discuss retro-fitting.