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RPB GX4 Gas Monitor

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  • RPB GX4 Gas Monitor mounted on Radex unit
  • RPB GX4 Gas Monitor
  • RPB GX4 Gas Monitor
  • RPB GX4 Gas Monitor mounted on Radex unit
  • RPB GX4 Gas Monitor
  • RPB GX4 Gas Monitor
£1,705.10 (Inc. VAT)
£1,420.92 (Ex. VAT)


Toxic gases are one of the number one risks to employees working in industrial environments and yet some employers are not monitoring the breathing air their workers are using every day. Put the safety of yourself and your employees first with the GX4 Gas Monitor from RPB – an intelligent monitoring system which can detect up to four gases simultaneously.

Some toxic gases like carbon monoxide are completely invisible to the human senses but high level exposure can kill in a matter of minutes and even low level exposure can cause serious illness and long term health concerns. Early symptoms are often mistaken for flu, headaches or tiredness and are frequently ignored.

The GX4 can be easily mounted to the RPB Radex Airline Filter or to the wall and constantly monitors air supply for up to four different gases. The unit uses four pre-calibrated gas sensor cartridges that last for up to two years and can be easily removed and replaced as required. It is fitted with a 103 DBA staccato alarm and can also be connected to other external alarms or automatic shut off systems to make sure that workers are alerted if gases are approaching unsafe levels.

Readings are displayed in real time on the illuminated display and the unit also has a built in WIFI hotspot so it can be accessed via a laptop, tablet, phone or network. The unit keeps detailed records, logging data every five seconds which is useful for inspectors. It also keeps logs of any alarms that go off so that if it is ignored or silenced you’ll still be able to see when it was triggered. It also monitors each gas cartridge and alerts the user when a replacement is needed.


  • Monitor up to four gases simultaneously.
  • Pre-calibrated gas sensors that last for up to two years.
  • All electronics are sealed inside to prevent exposure to contamination and oil.
  • All parts are available as spares.
  • Clear hose allows you to monitor contamination.
  • Robust power inlet.
  • Push release air inlet.
  • Cartridges can be easily removed and replaced.
  • Strong nylon ABS case suitable for tough conditions.
  • 103 DBA staccato alarm.
  • Sturdy mounting bracket.
  • Can be mounted to Radex Airline Filter or to the wall.
  • Universal power options.
  • Can be connected to external alarms if working remotely.
  • Calibration kit available for quick and easy calibration check with no set points required.
  • Pairs perfectly with RPB Nova 2000, RPB Nova 3, RPB Radex Filter and more.

Please note: Unit is supplied with one pre-calibrated Carbon Monoxide sensor cartridge. Additional cartridges sold separately.

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