Breathing air quality tests

25th Jul 2023

Breathing Air tests are an HSE requirement for manufacturers and contractors alike working in hazardous environments. Breathing in compromised air from an airline can be potentially life-threatening. In addition, employers have a duty of care to their employees to have these tests undertaken.


As stipulated in the HSE guidelines breathing air quality tests should be conducted at least every three months – or if you cannot guarantee the air quality – more frequently. When using your own or a hired compressor, the responsibility of check the unit falls on the user. Moreover, records of the test must be made and kept for five years.

Airblast also recommends that filters be replaced in the event of large pressure drops, if unusual tastes are present in the air supplied to the respirator, or if moisture is found at the outlet fittings.

In the case of hiring out a compressor, it is strongly advised that a breathing air quality test should be conducted on delivery.

Airblast Eurospray offers professional testing at a cost-effective price if you want to get your breathing air tested. On the Airblast Eurospray Direct website, there is a link to book a test online; click this or get in touch with our team directly via our contact telephone number.

Once booked, you can ask our technicians to bring filters, cartridges, and other spares to your site to save you the cost of carriage.