How to choose a blast cabinet

25th Jul 2023

Choosing a blast cabinet is determined by the objects you're blasting, corrosion, and access to compressed air. There are two types of blast cabinets, one for more demanding work, the other for intermittent low-pressure use.

Direct pressure cabinets are ideal for arduous, sustained processing, such as removing tough corrosion and treating large components. These cabinets can come with either a 7.5ltr pressure vessel or a 30ltr pressure vessel variant for increased performance.

For intermittent light blasting, we recommend direct suction blast cabinets. These cabinets are less powerful than direct pressure; however, they still suit a wide variety of applications and require less air to run.

When a standard cabinet doesn’t suit your requirements, we can create a unit to your exacting specifications. For instance, these bespoke blast cabinets can be automated and fitted with additional nozzles. For the toughest of jobs, a bespoke indirect pressure cabinet can be made upon request. These are hooked up to 70ltr blast pot and a cyclone unit.

Before investing in a blast cabinet, it is always recommended to consult our expert team before purchasing one for your business.