Hypodermic needle pressure gauges

25th Jul 2023

Some surfaces, for instance aircraft wing components, require decimal accurate blast pressure to achieve a specific surface profile. To this end, Airblast Eurospray Direct stocks "Hypodermic Needle Pressure Gauges".

What are needle pressure gauges, and how do you use them?

Hypodermic needle pressure gauges take the most accurate reading of the blast pressure at the nozzle. Due to several factors, the compressors and blast pot's pressure gauges should not be taken as a precise reading. Instead, the best place to measure outgoing pressure is at the nozzle end of the blast hose, specifically a few centimetres behind the nozzle coupling.

Take care when inserting the needle into the hose. While wearing blast PPE, it can be cumbersome to puncture the hose's rubber, and one slip and you're at risk of causing yourself injury. Make sure your needle placement is true before slowly by firmly inserting the needle into the hose at a 45o angle.

Once inserted, the gauge's dial slowly begins to rise, and once settled, is the accurate reading of outgoing blast pressure.

Not having an accurate measurement of blast pressure has a detrimental effect on surface profile and comes with avoidable monetary costs. For example, if you're not aware of the pressure drops while blasting, you could be using too much abrasive for the job, and incorrect pressure can also lead to excess nozzle and hose wear.

A Hypodermic Needle Pressure Gauge is an essential part of a blaster's toolkit; don't hesitate to contact our expert sales team for more information on these pressure gauges.