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TAK Kill Denaturant MS - Booth Additive

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  • TAK kill Denaturant MS 25Ltr
£144.06 (Inc. VAT)
£120.05 (Ex. VAT)


A colourless liquid based on a mixture of caustic and non-caustic alkalis formulated as an additive for spray booth water treatment. As the substance is liquid, the disadvantages associated with dissolving powder alternatives are eliminated.

Tak Kill Denaturant MS will perform satisfactorily in many different spray booth designs. It will rapidly denature a considerable range of different paint types so that they will float or sink, according to booth design, in an easily removable form with minimal adhesion of paint residues to working surfaces.

Paint type: Medium solids, Stoving alkyds, Acrylics

Initial concentration as % of Volume: 1%

25 Litres

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